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Hydrogen and Green Carbon Electrolyzer Components

One of our flagship initiatives revolves around supporting the hydrogen economy and carbon neutrality through the production of internal frames for hydrogen and green carbon electrolyzers. These devices are an integral part of many renewable energy technologies, playing a vital role in producing clean fuels and mitigating carbon emissions.

Our expertise lies in crafting precision-engineered internal frames that form the backbone of hydrogen and green carbon electrolyzer systems. TechNH has provided similar frames used in fuel cells for over two decades, and as the underlying design of these frames was adopted by hydrogen and green carbon electrolyzers, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing these parts for our renewable energy clients.

These frames, meticulously designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art processes, provide structural integrity and optimize the performance of electrolyzer modules. They serve as the sturdy foundation for green hydrogen electrolyzers that harness renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This process yields low-emission hydrogen fuel without generating harmful emissions, making it a cornerstone of the emerging hydrogen economy.

Similarly, our frames are used in green carbon electrolyzers to split CO2 molecules into carbon and oxygen, repurposing the carbon for a variety of products. This CO2 is either gathered from the atmosphere to reduce its levels in the atmosphere (green carbon) or CO2 captured by electrolyzers at fossil fuel plants before its release into the atmosphere to mitigate climate change (grey carbon).

Responsible Environmental Management

Environmental responsibility is a major initiative for TechNH not just in the parts we produce, but in how we operate every part of our business. Our environmental management system ensures careful resource usage, the use of recyclable materials, and environmentally friendly production practices wherever possible.


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