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TechNH has evolved dramatically since we opened our doors more than forty years ago, but our core principles remain the same; quality, reliability and excellence. We manufacture some of the most complex and challenging molded plastics geometries in the world.

Our sales team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in plastics injection molding. We grasp the intricacies of transitioning your concept into a successful reality. At TechNH, we prioritize partnership with our clients, shaping our sales process around this ethos.

When you embark on a project with us, regardless of its scale, you gain access to a dedicated, proficient team committed to guiding you through every stage. Alongside your Account Manager, each client receives personalized attention from a Customer Service Representative and a Program Manager, an adept engineer, ensuring seamless progression from initial design to production.

Established in 1982 within the confines of a small corner in Nashua, NH’s old mill building, we’ve grown into a diverse in-house team that comprises Engineers, Machinists, Technicians, Developers and Sales Associates, engaging with companies worldwide.

As a custom plastic injection molding company, we boast a team of skilled and seasoned professionals. Our experienced plastics and quality engineers specialize in bringing your complex parts to life.

At TechNH, our workforce hails from varied backgrounds, each bringing unique talents to the table. Despite our diversity, our shared purpose unites us to deliver unparalleled services and products to our esteemed clients.

Nearly 40% of our workforce boasts over five years of tenure, with almost 25% exceeding a decade of service. A handful of our employees have been with us since our inception—a testament to our exceptional culture within the precision manufacturing realm.

Join the TechNH Team

Choosing TechNH means not only securing comprehensive compensation packages, retirement plans, and benefits but also immersing yourself in a culture where camaraderie thrives. From engaging in cooking competitions to hosting employee summer BBQs and raffles, we celebrate our accomplishments and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re drawn to environments that foster growth, learning, and hard work, where optimism and dedication abound, TechNH might just be the perfect fit for you.

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