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Secondary Services

Some of our secondary services include:

Pad Printing

Add branding, labeling, or design to your plastic parts with our pad printing capabilities.


Streamline your production process by outsourcing assembly and sub-assembly tasks to our experienced team, saving you time and resources.


Ensure your products are securely packaged and ready for distribution with our professional packaging solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Ultrasonic Welding

Reliable bonding between plastic components to ensure durability and integrity.

Bagging and Sealing

Safeguard your products during transit and storage with our bagging and sealing services, protecting them from environmental elements.

Heat Staking

Create permanent joints in plastic components with precision heat staking, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

Plastics Machining

Customize plastic parts to your exact specifications with our state-of-the-art machining capabilities.

Laser Marking

Utilize laser marking technology to add permanent markings, serial numbers, or barcodes to your plastic parts.


Verify the quality and performance of your plastic parts through comprehensive testing conducted by our skilled technicians, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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