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Ensuring Precision and Purity Across Industries

Our cleanrooms serve as the backbone of TechNH’s custom plastic injection molding operations, ensuring the production of impeccable components across various industries. Here are just some of the ways cleanrooms are indispensable for TechNH’s services:

Medical Devices

TechNH relies on cleanrooms to manufacture custom plastic components for medical devices, such as surgical instruments and diagnostic equipment. As an ISO-13485 and FDA registered manufacturer, our cleanrooms guarantee the sterility and purity required to meet stringent regulatory standards in the medical industry.


In pharmaceutical production, TechNH’s cleanrooms play a vital role in crafting plastic components for drug delivery systems and packaging. The stringent contamination control measures upheld within these cleanrooms ensure the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products.


For electronic applications, TechNH utilizes cleanrooms to produce plastic components with exceptional precision and cleanliness. These components, including housings and circuit board parts, demand contamination-free environments to prevent defects and ensure reliable performance in electronic devices.

Aerospace and Defense

TechNH’s cleanrooms are instrumental in manufacturing our aerospace components, meeting the exacting standards of the aerospace and defense industries. From aircraft interiors to spacecraft components, these environments ensure the quality and reliability required for critical aerospace applications.

Traceability and Documentation

Our cleanroom facilities are not just about maintaining a controlled environment; they’re also about ensuring meticulous traceability and documentation throughout the manufacturing process. From the moment raw materials enter our cleanroom to the final assembly of your product, every step is carefully documented and tracked. Our traceability protocols enable us to monitor and record the journey of each component, ensuring complete transparency and accountability at every stage.

Detailed records are maintained for materials, processes, equipment calibration, and personnel training. This documentation allows us to trace the lineage of every product, providing assurance of its integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. Our employees take pride in their ability to produce, document and deliver products that require critical air environments, allowing TechNH to integrate seamlessly into your cleanroom compliant supply chain.

TechNH’s cleanroom facilities are more than just a space – they’re a testament to our dedication to quality, precision, and reliability. Contact us to learn more about how we can elevate your next project to new heights of quality and performance.

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