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Expansion And Growth At TechNH

Published On: April 4, 2024

TechNH is excited to announce significant expansions and enhancements across our facilities, underscoring our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers in the medical, industrial, and defense sectors. This article details some of the recent improvements we’ve made, tooling we’ve added, and the impact of these changes on our capabilities. Each development is part of our ongoing effort to enhance our service offerings and maintain our reputation for exceptional quality, precision, and reliability.

Quality and Metrology Department Expansion

Serving our customer’s quality need has always been an important part of the TechNH business. Supporting the increasingly heightened inspection needs of the medical, industrial and defense industries is a priority for us.



The increased demand of critical metrology and validation work necessitated an expansion and upgrade of quality department.

The working area for this department expanded from six hundred square feet to one thousand and thirty square feet. In addition to the expanded space we also recently added:

  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • OGP (Optical Gage Product)
  • Surface Plate Height Gage

Each of these machines has allowed our staff to be more effective in the completion of the necessary tasks to maintain quality, validations and traceability in our process.

The additional footage has allowed improvements in personal work stations and better organization to support the 5S methodologies being put into practice. The 5S System is a Lean Manufacturing Methodology composed of five practices; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

These practices contribute to an environment of higher productivity, greater staff satisfaction and a safer work environment.

New Molding Machines

TechNH has added capacity in the form of six new Nissei injection molding machines. One of these machines is a PNX60, two are FNX110 and three are FNX180 models. All are workhorse hybrid machines with high precision operation and controllers. Each offers quick injection response, wide-ranging injection speeds, stable control in ultra-low velocity ranges, long-sustained high injection holding pressure, high-rigidity straight-hydraulic clamping units, and long-lasting dependability.


These machines are excellent “clean” operators with high energy efficiency, low running costs and energy savings features which will allow TechNH to stay on the cutting edge of environmentally responsible injection molding. These machines have also been outfitted with Wittman robots, EMI conveyers and Dri-Air material dyers to facilitate proper material handling and process automation.



Three of these machine are located on the main production floor but three have been moved into the area previously occupied by our tool room; which has moved permanently into our adjacent building. This space will be used for molding, laser marking and machining of product. An overhead crane has been added to this area to facilitate ease of mold installation and to increase the level of safety for our team members.

New Inspection Equipment

TechNH is proud to announce that we have added a SmartScope Flash 500 to our inspection department. It allows us to speed up complicated inspection processes for our customers. The ability of the SmartScope Flash 500 to measure multiple dimensions simultaneously has cut some inspection times by more than half.



SmartScope Flash 500 is multisensor capable and utilizes a high quality AccuCentric zoom lens that auto-compensates with every magnification change. It increases our inspection capacity and allows us to turn your Validation and FAI jobs around faster.

Make TechNH your next call for high quality tooling, production and validation for your complex injection molded part. If your parts require high standards we can help you. We are ISO 13485 Registered, ITAR Registered, FDA Registered, and UL Recognized. Call sales today (603) 825-6056 x153.

New Home for Tooling Department

​The new tool room allows TechNH to easily create and maintain tooling while creating no delays in our schedule.



This area has been updated to include new floors, lighting, environmental controls and an overhead crane. The move of our tool room allows TechNH to increase the size of mold that can be produced internally and opens up space on our production floor for much needed expansion of our molding operations. This change will allow for new levels of production, safety and efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how our expertise and capabilities can bring your vision to life. With TechNH as your partner, you can expect exceptional quality, precision, and reliability every step of the way.

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